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Trademark Guidelines for Forks

"Spacewalk" and the Spacewalk logo are trademarks owned by Red Hat. Red Hat also owns the copyright in the Spacewalk logo. While Red Hat currently uses these trademarks in connection with the Spacewalk project, it is possible that in the future Red Hat will wish to apply them to other software products or projects.

A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol or design, or a combination of words, phrases, symbols or designs, that identifies and distinguishes the origin of the goods of one party from those of others. The role of trademarks is to provide assurance about the quality of the products or services with which the trademark is associated. A trademark is infringed if your use of a trademark has created a "likelihood of confusion". This means using a trademark in a way that will likely confuse or deceive the relevant consuming public about the origin of a product or service using the mark in question.

Since Spacewalk is an open source project, you can fork it, subject to your obligations to comply with the open source licenses that apply to the code. But since those licenses grant very broad permissions to modify the software, we can’t know in advance whether your modifications would be misleading if distributed under the "Spacewalk" name.

Therefore, if you wish to fork the Spacewalk project, you must follow these guidelines:

  • Your fork cannot be named, described or referred to as "Spacewalk", or a name confusingly similar to "Spacewalk" (including an obvious variation on, phonetic equivalent of, non-English equivalent of, takeoff, or abbreviation of the name "Spacewalk").
  • You can’t use the Spacewalk logo in connection with your fork (for example, in the software itself, or on a project website) or any logo derived from, based on or confusingly similar to the Spacewalk logo.
  • You can’t use or register, in whole or in part, "Spacewalk" as part of your own trademark, service mark, domain name, company name, trade name, product name, or service name.

In addition, if you fork Spacewalk, you may not make any unauthorized use of other Red Hat or third party trademarks, including but not limited to "Red Hat", the Shadowman logo, and "Satellite".

This document is based on the Model Trademark Guidelines, available at , licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license: